The photobook Brusselse scènes, Bruxelles en scène

"The city sometimes seems staged, but it is eminently the stage on which life plays out. Life in all its variations, with a surprise every now and then." Laurent Vermeersch
"My job is located in the defined by provincial boundaries Brussels. I take the city home with me every day. I gently massage it between the cracks of the houses in my neighbourhood or ram it down the throat of a community that would rather go without it. And all that without any state reform, to the rhythm of my heartbeat." Eva De Baerdemaker
"At 50 degrees North and 4 degrees East there lies a city that follows its own path. Those who listen closely to its heartbeat will find their way to the stairs of change." Jan Busselen

Anecdote N°3

Once upon a time, a mill languished somewhere in the fields of Henegouwen. In the 1960’s, the municipality of Sint-Lambrechts- Woluwe received the thing as a gift. The Woluwe valley had always been famous for its watermills, but windmills? Coincidentally, the lack of wind just happened to be the greatest disadvantage to the region.

The mill waits patiently for its Godot. Just like in the play, Godot will never come.
PhotoBonsoir Bruxelles PhotoBonsoir Bruxelles

"I am not from around here, but if I am honest, I’m not from around there any more either. There where things are proper. Where people keep their promises. Where the hedges are trimmed to perfection. Where things are moving forward. Where everyone speaks the same language (but still don’t always understand one another)." Tine Debosscher
"Brussels, my faithful partner, my beloved home, my city... Under your often grey skies an infectious happiness conjures bright, many-coloured rainbows on the walls. Brussels, you have adopted me, and for the rest of my days, you will be the only place that I call home." Hamsi Boubeker
"To me, it’s strange that many ‘Eurobubble expats’ never stray too far away European quarter, or how many French and Dutch-speaking Belgians do not stray far beyond ‘their’ parts of town. I regularly hear disparaging talk about working-class areas such 13 as Matongé, Molenbeek and Anderlecht – often by people who haven’t even been there." Barbara Mendes Jorge

Anecdote N°15

Every year on 9 August, a ‘Meyboom’ tree is planted in Brussels. It is folklore par excellence: men, women and children in traditional dress, the Brussels dialect is the main language spoken and the tree is the guest of honour. As is tradition, each successful planting is celebrated with a circle dance.

All that enthusiasm was infectious for Howard Gutman, the then the United States ambassador. He spontaneously decided to join the dance. The security staff had a minor nervous breakdown, their finger pressing even harder into their ear as they spoke even more agitatedly into their sleeve.

To keep an eye on their boss they, rather unhappily, took part in the folk event.